About the Partnership

Who We Are

The Partnership for Economic Development in Sullivan County is a private not-for-profit corporation that serves as the one-stop resource for business development in Sullivan County, N.Y. Its team of economic development professionals works with commercial real estate brokers, developers, site selection firms, local municipalities, and statewide economic development agencies to find the most advantageous and cost-effective locations for corporate attraction and expansion of industry. In addition, the Sullivan County Partnership supports small business development by providing guidance, technical assistance a variety of financing options.

The Partnership's members consist of dues-paying private Investors from the Sullivan County business community and those that do business here. The Partnership's operations are carried out by a board of directors, officers, task-oriented committees and a staff of four. The Partnership's Board of Directors is a group of duly elected successful businesspeople committed to assisting our member businesses and attracting, retaining, and expanding businesses in Sullivan County. With decades of business experience and successes, board members volunteer their time to provide strategic business advice and operational guidance in carrying out the mission of the Partnership for Economic Development in Sullivan County.

Our Mission

The Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development promotes and coordinates economic development to benefit our members by enhancing the quality of life and improving the standard of living in Sullivan County.

Our Goals


To develop an effective and timely response to prospects interested in bringing business and/or industry into Sullivan County to provide greater opportunities for our member businesses.


To develop an effective and timely system of addressing the needs of small business in Sullivan County in the form of retention and expansion programs.


To develop a cost-effective recruitment program that identifies target industries compatible with Sullivan County resources, and if not to facilitate the development of resources needed to attract those industries.


To develop an inventory of existing land, buildings and financing programs that will enhance our ability to successfully recruit business to Sullivan County.


To represent the business perspective in and out of Sullivan County to all interested audiences.