Small Business Development

Providing assistance to small business developement

Through the Sullivan Investment Revolving Loan Funds, the Partnership has provided financing along with technical assistance to many businesses that have remained viable over the years. Virtually, every municipality hosts at least one business that the Partnership assisted in starting or expanding. The Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development utilizes a variety of conventional and specialty financing mechanisms to assist new and expanding businesses. A close relationship is maintained with member banks to ensure that the financial needs of our clients are met with the utmost professionalism and dedication to their project. In addition, a variety of public and semi-public funding sources are used to enhance and make whole those projects that have great potential but are deemed too venturesome for full conventional coverage. Typically, these projects are funded in part by private sources, public sources, and by the applicant to make the financing package whole. The Partnership will provide guidance to those looking assistance in the steps to secure financial backing regardless what industry they are in.

Small Business Programs and Services Include:

  • Technical assistance
  • Site selection
  • Business plan development and/or review
  • Financing procurement
  • Marketing