A Plentiful Pool of Talented Workers

Sullivan County’s ever-growing pool of skilled workers has attracted a variety of businesses, including Kohl’s Northeast Regional Distribution Center and Crystal Run Healthcare. Others, like the Center for Discovery, have been able to expand their operations significantly. In fact, the Center for Discovery, our largest employer, now provides quality jobs to over 1,600 labor shed area workers.

More than 400,000 highly skilled workers live within a 30-mile commute, and the cost of labor in Sullivan County is the most competitive in the region.

The availability of qualified workers is the number one business concern…and Sullivan County delivers. Our magnificent scenery, small-town life, and easy access to top colleges and major metropolitan centers are attracting a growing number of highly skilled workers.

Nearly 100,000 workers in the Sullivan County labor shed are ready for business, according to PF Resources, an independent consulting firm based in Texas.  And according to PF Resources, they have the skills, education, and experience to qualify for those better jobs. In addition, almost 30% of our underemployed workers have college experience, with 23% earning four-year college degrees or better.

Visit Sullivan County Workforce Development online for more information.


“With over 300 employees living throughout Sullivan County and neighboring communities, I have been fortunate to be able to rely on a steady workforce of talented people.”

- Phil Vallone, President of Rolling V Bus Corporation

Top Employers List*

Company/Agency # of Employees
Resorts World Catskills1756
SDTC – The Center for Discovery1648
Sullivan County Government Center1200
Catskill Regional Medical Center700
New Hope Community Inc.650
Monticello School District549
The Arc Sullivan-Orange Counties500
The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark450
Ideal Snacks, Inc.410
Woodbourne Correctional – NYS400
Rolling V Transportation Services375
Murray’s Chickens320
Wal-Mart – Kiamesha300
Liberty Central School District295
ShopRite Supermarket – Liberty & Monticello280
Verona Oil Co.210
Tri-Valley School209
Pecks Markets – All Branches207
Catholic Charities191


Resorts World Catskills: 1756
SDTC – The Center for Discovery: 1648
Sullivan County Government Center: 1200
Catskill Regional Medical Center: 700
New Hope Community Inc.: 650
Monticello School District: 549
The Arc Sullivan-Orange Counties: 500
The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark: 450
Ideal Snacks, Inc.: 410
Woodbourne Correctional – NYS: 400
Rolling V Transportation Services: 375
Murray’s Chickens: 320
*Kohl’s: 303
Wal-Mart – Kiamesha: 300
Liberty Central School District: 295
ShopRite Supermarket – Liberty & Monticello: 280
Verona Oil Co.: 210
Tri-Valley School: 209
Pecks Markets – All Branches: 207
Catholic Charities: 191


Updated: July 2019  |  *During the Fall, hire 180 seasonal for 3 months