Shovel-ready Sites

Creating hundreds of new jobs and opportunities in Sullivan County

As land becomes increasingly more important, the ability to identify and prepare suitable sites for development is critical for the development of tax ratables and a spectrum of job opportunities. The Partnership's Shovel Ready task force has prioritized resources to facilitate the development of sites near strategic access points in Sullivan County. The development of these sites will position the County to attract a diverse industry cluster base that will attract investment and jobs in the manufacturing, logistics, metal fabrication, production and light assembly sectors. Combined, these shovel-ready commerce parks will help create hundreds of new jobs and opportunities for the greater business community in Sullivan County.

Liberty/Thompson Corridor

After a comprehensive opportunity and constraints analysis was completed several years ago the stage was set for beginning approvals for future development along the Liberty /Thompson Industrial Commercial Development Corridor know as Old Route 17. . The corridor will be the future of approximately 500-acres of shovel-ready sites upon completion. In 2022 the first of many approvals has been completed on a 1 million square foot logistics facility. The facility with more soon to follow.

Glenn Wild Industrial Park

The Glen Wild Industrial Park is pre-approved for 270,000 sq./ft. of space of which 70,000 sq./ft. has been committed. The site is suitable for manufacturing, light assembly, logistics and general use facilities. it is located in the Town of Fallsburg and accessed via exit 112 off of NYS 17/ I-86

RGG Realty Industrial Park

The RGG Realty Industrial Park features a 9 lot subdivision with a pre-approved 100,000 sq. ft. facility suitable for logistics, light manufacturing, , assembly and general use activities. It sits on 82 acres and can be access via exit 106 of NYS 17/I-86.

Bridgeville Industrial Site

The Bridgeville Industrial site is located at exit 107 off of NYS 17/ I-86. This site is undergoing preapprovals for a 476,000 sq. ft. facility situated on 63 acres. The facility will be suitable for logistics, light manufacturing, metal fabrication, production and general use.

Avon Commerce Center

The Avon Commercial Park consists of two preapproved buildings measuring 280,000 sq. ft. each targeted for light industry and logistics business. This site is located in the Town of Thompson and exhibits easy access to NYS 17/I-86 via exit 109.

Shovel-Ready Sites Programs & Services Include:


Technical assistance with the development of pre-approved sites


Analysis of suitable shovel-ready sites


Funding procurement assistance


Coordination with local and county municipal agencies


Permitting assistance


General facilitation


Coordination with Industrial Development Agency


One-stop economic development services