Choose Sullivan

Why choose Sullivan County?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, for two straight years, Sullivan County’s job growth numbers were at the top of New York State rankings. That is no coincidence. Sullivan County created over 3,000 new jobs and approximately $2 billion dollars of investment in just three years. A large portion of that investment is in the hospitality sector and as expected it has rebounded back even better than before the pandemic. Once again Sullivan County is leading the region in job growth statistics, a remarkable feat given our reliance travel and tourism. That's not the only story, however. We have been busy positioning the county to grow in other industry sectors as well and it is paying off.

Investments in Hospitality & Tourism, Software/Tech, Logistics, Light Manufacturing, Food Processing and Agribusiness sectors are driving the economy once again. There are five industrial commercial projects completing approvals this year representing 2.3 million square feet of logistics, production and light assembly projects. The next two years will see an additional $200 million invested and an estimated 800 new jobs created. All with the room to grow, while living in a bucolic setting that has attracted visitors from throughout the world. Top travel and tourist publications like Lonely Planet and others rank Sullivan County as one of the top 10 best places to visit. Others have dubbed the Sullivan Catskills the ‘New Hamptons’. But there is a new twist. The pandemic has created new opportunities in technology related businesses and business services. Smart companies have realized that working from home can take place in a setting as beautiful as the Sullivan Catskills providing for a true work/life balance that increases productivity at the workplace while enhancing the personal lives of their employees making for a more successful outcome now and well into the future. The real estate boom continues drying up formerly stagnant inventory and opening up opportunities for developers to build, market and sell new housing to a steady stream of buyers coming from the metro area.

At close to 1,000 square miles and just a 90-minute drive time from downtown Manhattan, Sullivan County has something for all to enjoy. Whether just trying to get away, visiting a second home, or planting roots here, you can now work in a country atmosphere with excellent metropolitan access. Why not work where you always wanted to live? Give us a call or stop by and let’s discuss how we can work with you to meet your goals. For business for life, the Sullivan Catskills are a natural.