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Advance Testing helps youth to build a career

The Sullivan County Partnership recently hosted the Advance Testing mentorship program.

This program was created in an effort to grant young adults an opportunity to pursue their passions in the engineering field. The program allows the students to participate in a variety of engineering sectors where they have access to materials and lab procedures they would not normally have.

By the end of this program each student received certifications in a number of OSHA and industry specific specialties. Along with receiving these certifications the students also were awarded a $1000 scholarship from Advanced Testing.

Sullivan County Partnership President and CEO Marc Baez, along with Partnership Marketing Outreach Coordinator Chris Lockwood reviewed what economic development is and what it entails.

Both Baez and Lockwood discussed with the class the importance of economic development from a county and statewide stand-point.

Along with talking about their role in economic development in the county they also looked at the day to day operations of the Partnership.

“It is imperative to give opportunities like this to the younger generation. I am delighted to see companies like Advance Testing giving back to the community and taking an initiative in helping the younger generation,” Lockwood said.

The course also had two guest speakers, Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Luis Alvarez along with Deputy County Manager Dan Depew.

Chairman Alvarez talked to the students about the county government, what his role is and how he got to the position he is in today.

Depew gave a passionate speech to the students on the five core factors on what it takes to become successful.

He gave the students valuable life lessons and left a positive imprint which will resonate with them for years to come.