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James Bates

James (Jim) Bates is the owner and managing member of Ecological Analysis, LLC, an environmental planning and natural resource consulting firm. Ecological Analysis is committed to sustainable development and the preservation, restoration, and protection of the natural environment. Ecological Analysis allows its clients to realize their economic goals, while still minimizing any potentially negative impact on both human health and the environment in which we live, while complying with both local laws and regulations

Jim has been on the board of directors of the Sullivan County Partnership for over six years.

Jim has helped the Partnership to take a stand on programs and actions which are directly beneficial to the community. Some of those actions include:

• Starting and overseeing the annual SEQRA Seminar so that both professionals and municipal leaders have a clear understanding of what needs to be done in order to make processes proceed easily.
• Working with Marc Baez to facilitate communication between local agencies, leading to the creation of the annual United Sullivan event.
• Advising the board as to which environmental issues would have the propensity to eliminate or slow down projects which would be advantageous to Sullivan County. An example would be extracting a clear definition of issues regarding the Long Eared Bat.

Jim’s abilities come from both past and recent experiences. His education is in the sciences and he has found a way to pair this with both community pride and small business ownership. Sullivan County is in a whirlwind of growth. Jim’s goal is to lead it with smart planning to both enhance the prosperity of its residents and business community while maintaining the natural beauty.