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Whether its sports, statistics, political polling, business analytics or simple debates at the local diner, the numbers tell the story. Well, the numbers in Sullivan County are beginning to speak volumes. With unemployment at historic lows, 3.4% vs. 4.7% just one year ago, and 3,000 more people – or nearly 10% of the total workforce – employed in Sullivan County compared to last year at this time, the indicators are pointing to significant growth for 2019.

For the first time in quite some time key municipalities are lowering taxes.

What’s that? Lowering taxes? Yes, you heard it. “…thanks to a 4.5% increase in the County’s total taxable assessed value, the average property taxpayer will see the County portion of their tax bill decrease by 1.6%”, said County Manager Josh Potosek at his budget presentation last month.

In the Town of Thompson where much of the current development is taking place, Supervisor Bill Rieber announced that while his budget increased 16% due to ever increasing operational costs among other things, taxes in 2019 will drop 7.8% compared to last year.

With another signature project, the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Water Park, set to open next year and three major destination hospitality projects under construction, 2019 may arguably be the year the Sullivan County economy hits warp speed.

“The efforts of the Sullivan County economic development team are truly beginning to bear fruit,” said Marc Baez, President and CEO of the Partnership for Economic Development in Sullivan County. “Investment, tax ratables, and jobs matter and it’s obvious given those tax reduction announcements.”

In 2019, two significant hospitality projects are being undertaken in the Western Sullivan part of Sullivan County indicating that the momentum is beginning to reach other parts of the county where investment and tax ratables are needed.

But the story does not end there, as the County and the Partnership are committed to driving interest in Industrial Commercial development as well, looking to balance the economy while maintaining a growth trajectory.

The Old 17 Corridor, an area within the Towns of Liberty and Thompson, is targeted for this growth as it is zoned appropriately and close to major thoroughfares.

With a goal to keep the ‘good times’ going as much as possible area officials are doubling down on efforts to help fuel the economy so all in Sullivan County can benefit. The indicators are starting to show it’s working.

#2018 (Chinese Social Media Platform) United X Brand USA MegaFam# which all participants who were on the tour, joined with lots of enthusiasm and shared their experience via WeChat moment. Each of the tour operators have several hundreds or even thousands of followers so MegaFam message reached to a lot more people in the U.S. and China.”

It is always exciting to have international media enjoy their visit to the Sullivan Catskills because their favorable articles will have a direct impact on visitation.

Especially writer Mick Brown, seasoned writer on assignment for the Daily Telegraph and American As You Like it.

He wrote, “I had a truly fantastic time in Sullivan County, and absolutely loved it. What I loved about the region was how natural and unspoiled it was. It was so refreshing not to see strip malls and soul-less new developments everywhere (actually anywhere at all). The ‘off-the-grid,’ away from it all aspect is something I hadn’t expected to that degree, and which I think British visitors would love.

“I was made to feel extremely welcome wherever I went, and would unequivocally recommend that the Daily Telegraph readers visit this destination.”

His article will reach 2.5 million readers with a media value of over $125,000. To continue to keep up with their global competition, in 2019 the SCVA will continue their efforts in hosting media and tour operators. They also anticipate attending new trade shows to attract diversified visitors.

“We need to be out there promoting who we are. We are committed to keep visitation and investment growing in our county,” Byron-Lockwood said.

This year we expect more media from around the world to visit the Sullivan Catskills due to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, which will bring further recognition.

To keep our traveler experiences innovative to entice more visitors, the SCVA is also utilizing their marketing dollars to create a permanent Dove Trail. The Doves will be 5 feet tall and 7 feet long, and will be strategically placed throughout the county. Each will be painted by juried artists, using the 1960’s color palette, who will commemorate the anniversary through their paintings. The trail will continue the story of the Sullivan Catskills for future generations.

The SCVA team is focused and driven. Its goal is built on its legacy as the premier destination in New York State through various initiatives. For more information on the SCVA’s future plans visit or call 845- 747-4449.

Additional Sullivan Catskills Recognitions for 2018
• Callicoon voted “one of the 25 best small towns in America, 2018 by Country Living Magazine”
• Narrowsburg was voted “one of the best 20 charming small towns near NYC by Pure Wow.”
• ECCE voted 2018 Trip Advisors “Travel Choice Award for Top 25 B&B and Inns in the USA”
• The DeBruce recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best new hotels in the world and “Best New Restaurants in America by Esquire Magazine.”