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To the People:

With the ever-increasing numbers of new large-scale businesses coming on line, and the support projects that typically follow, could 2019 be the year when Sullivan County’s economy truly takes off?

The indicators seem to paint that picture, at least for now. Sullivan County once again led the entire state with job growth of 9.3 percent, From January 2018 to January 2019.

The next closest in the Hudson Valley was Ulster at 3.5 percent. Unemployment in 2018 fell to 4.2 percent, down .7 percent from the previous year.

Furthermore, along with our original signature projects settling into their operational routines, projects like the Kartrite Resort & Indoor Water Park, The Eldred Preserve, Chatwal Lodge, The Center for Discovery’s specialty children’s hospital and education center in Rock Hill, and several large-scale housing developments completing approvals, 2019 looks to be even more of a banner year than 2018.

Add to that a myriad of entrepreneurial investments like those of Western Sullivan Properties and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts planned events centered on celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock at the original site of the 1969 event and 2019 truly does look to be the year the Sullivan Catskills economy takes off.

With the nation’s economy as a whole enduring several shocks that have yet to indicate a slowdown of a now 10-year-old bull market, and some positive noise out of Washington regarding the trade war with China, the stars could be aligned for the current momentum to be at a scale large enough that Sullivan County can prosper for many years to come.

One thing is for sure – if it is going to happen – 2019 will be the year that sets the economic tone for the next decade.

Marc Baez
President, Sullivan County Partnership