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New Programs at SUNY Sullivan Geared Toward Casino

As the county, as well as the mid- Hudson region, has been working to ready itself for the March 2018 opening of the new resort casino, SUNY Sullivan has been developing and refining classes and programs designed to provide people with the various skillsets and competencies necessary to work in the industry.

The college recently offered the first three-credit class toward a 15-credit casino- related certificate program. Casino Surveillance and Security was an express class, offered totally online, as is the entire Casino Operations certificate. This summer, SUNY Sullivan will offer two additional classes toward fulfillment of the certificate. Introduction to Casino Operations begins May 24 and ends June 29, and Gaming Industry begins July 5 and ends August 10.

The remainder of classes to round out the certificate will be presented this fall, and the Casino Surveillance and Security class will be repeated. The certificate provides students insight into various career pathways within the casino industry.

SUNY Sullivan, in alignment with our educational and workforce partners, recognize that residents have a vast range of educational and employment experience. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll hear announcements focused on additional opportunities and events that the college is either spearheading or partnering on, to provide people a host of options, almost a roadmap if you will, leading to either further education or a job at Montreign.