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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: What a difference a year makes

To the People:
Last year at this time construction activity was in full swing. From our signature projects to smaller construction and rehab efforts, much were a mere skeleton of what exists today.

Both Resorts World Catskills and YO1 are entering the final phases of their developments and now, one can actually see the grandeur of what these projects represent.

They are examples of a new Sullivan County Catskills being rebuilt to premium standards, foreshadowing not only what is yet to come but the level at which we now expect to attract and to rebuild in Sullivan County.

I suppose in this holiday atmosphere that the ‘shadow of things to come’ is looking quite positive. We are witnessing the beginnings of change across all sectors of the economy.

The Town of Thompson is leading the charge by insisting on development standards to maximize the momentum that exists today.

Route 42 in Kiamesha is an example of how we all can pay more attention to detail in our development objectives and expectations. From the Mobile station to MacDonald’s to Taco Bell and the assisted living facility, all are projects that have put a little extra thought into the final appearance and it’s changing the entire corridor for the better.

Have you been to the New Munson Diner in Liberty?

A spectacular turnaround to a property that was ready for a bulldozer just one year ago. In every village and hamlet across Sullivan County, once aged and lost facilities are now being reborn in a new way.

Expect this phenomenon to continue as the old maxim still holds. That is, ‘success begets success’, and if we create an environment that demands higher standards in our development, then those are the types of projects we will continue to attract.

A year from now the Kartrite Hotel and Indoor water park will be approaching its final construction phase and I expect to announce several new projects in 2018 whose skeletal beginnings will also morph into shining examples of spectacular new developments and turnarounds in the Sullivan County Catskills.

Have a Happy Holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.

Marc Baez
President, Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development