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This is OUR Time

To the People:

With little over 5 months until the official opening of Resorts World Catskills, there is something that is now evidently clear. This is our time. The pace of development as a result of this Empire Resorts project has now increased dramatically. In just over a year we have witnessed, on or near Route 42 in Kiameshia, a refreshed Jeff Bank, refreshed Exxon/Mobil, New Taco Bell, a refreshing of the current McDonalds, the ground breaking for a New Hampton Inn and a new and expanded assisted living facility. Nearby, a new Dunkin Donuts on an upgraded Jefferson Street and a host of new restaurants opening on Broadway signal what is yet to come in the Monticello area. Also driving this development is the construction of a destination indoor water park resort, mid market Entertainment Village Hotel soon to break ground, and the completion of the Veria YO1 wellness center.  We have had two bank acquisitions and are seeing external financial institutions interested in doing deals in Sullivan County, a far cry from the not so distant days of, dare I mention, redlining. We have added 300 people to our total employment in Sullivan County and sales tax revenue is on the rise year to year once again. Investors, developers, retailers and service businesses look for opportunities where there is a reasonable and predictable upside. We are now experiencing that moment. Sullivan County is now the county in the Hudson Valley where a decade or more of investment is becoming more and more attainable. This is our time.  We are at a point now where generating revenue in terms of tax ratables, sales tax and the economic impact of adding several thousand new jobs to our community is a reality, and no better time for it. Our businesses in outlying towns will benefit as well, with visitation set to more than double an already increasing number and surpass a projected 8 million in the next two years. The attitude has now shifted. From businesses, to local governments, volunteer groups to our healthcare facilities, everyone is moving forward with positive initiatives and building upon the positive energy and growing opportunities. Entering, the fall and our holiday season there will be much to celebrate moving forward and we are poised to keep this momentum going. This is our time.



Marc Baez President, Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development