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The Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association (SCVA) is receiving a significant amount of global visitor interest for the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock and those eager to learn about the County.

Curious travelers inquire about Bethel Woods’ concert schedule and Sullivan Catskills events, attractions, itineraries and lodging for the summer season.

The interest in the Sullivan Catskills has been growing for the past several years and even more so this past year due to the SCVA’s marketing and advertising efforts.

The SCVA website traffic is up 61 percent – with 40,000 users between January 1 and March 1 – compared to the same time last year.

In the month of February 2019 social media experienced an increase of 1,500 new followers.

“This is a perfect time to be part of the energy and excitement in the Sullivan Catskills, with the 2018 opening of Resorts World Catskills and Yo1 Wellness, then this year’s 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, launch of our latest resorts such as the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark and The Eldred Preserve,” stated Roberta Byron-Lockwood, President/CEO, SCVA.

“People are paying attention to the new Sullivan Catskills and want to learn what we are all about. Once they do, they want to visit and experience all that we have,” Roberta continued.

Why all the interest?

The building enthusiasm is not just by chance. The SCVA works assiduously with Brand USA, I Love New York, the Catskill Region and The Door (NYC based PR firm) to create domestic and international marketing initiatives that bring awareness to the County.

They have been promoting the 50th Anniversary since 2016. As a result, partners are inundated with requests for more information on the 50th Anniversary and other experiences visitors can have while here.

What are SCVA’s Current Woodstock Anniversary Marketing Initiatives?

Dove Art Trail: In partnership with Sullivan County and Sullivan Renaissance, the SCVA is creating a DOVE Art Trail to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival and to celebrate its historical and present impact on the county.

There will be 50 doves, each 5’ tall, 7‘ long and 12” wide located throughout the Sullivan Catskills perched on their own platforms. Visitors will find them in towns, villages and local businesses all designed and painted by professional local artists.

The SCVA plans to create a website, trail map and itineraries for this trail which will be promoted to domestic and international consumers, media as well as tour operators.

The Visitors Association will continue the momentum beyond 2019 by creating programs and implementing marketing initiatives which will continue the Woodstock legacy for the future. Ideas for the trail include: events, social media engagement, a trail book, video, keepsakes and much more…
Presence at American Bus Association (ABA)-brings motor coach business to tourism industry members:

• The SCVA in conjunction with New York State Destination Marketing Organizations and I Love NY, organized a Spirit of Woodstock themed breakfast for 300 tour operators at ABA, Louisville Kentucky. The breakfast featured famed original Woodstock musician Melanie. I Love New York presented on the Sullivan Catskills and all of its new products and experiences.
• The SCVA team connected one-on-one with over 50 tour operators to educate them on the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock and the new rising tourism development in the Sullivan Catskills.

Trade Shows
The SCVA and its members have attended numerous trade shows —more than eight since January 2019—featuring Sullivan Catskills experiences and the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock reaching approximately hundreds of thousands of potential consumers. Digital and Print Media: The SCVA has invested in digital ads, advertisements in key publications and hosted travel writers with a global reach, estimated at 35 million readers.

New Travel Guide
The new travel guide features the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, with historic photos with captions throughout the guide. The guide has been extremely popular, with over 20,000 distributed since January 1, 2019 up 15% from 2018.

“We are anticipating a huge visitor attendance, through the summer of 2019, for the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock.

“We look forward to showcasing the abundant growth, attractions and lodging opportunities that have emerged in the Sullivan Catskills in the last few years. We are eagerly waiting for the season to begin. Staff has an action plan to handle the influx of callers.

“They will serve as concierges to visitors to make sure each visit is an enjoyable one so they will return again and again,” stated Roberta Byron-Lockwood.

The staff is gearing up for the new season. They are creating new itineraries and promoting things to do for travelers visiting the Sullivan Catskills.

New blogs, social media posts and website updates of tourism experiences are part of what is planned for this summer to entice visitors to stay longer and spend more money.

The focus will be on the 50th Anniversary and Bethel Woods as well as the county’s premier tourism assets, such as Resorts World Catskills, Yo1 Wellness Center and The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark.

Other experiences such as farm to table restaurants; festivals and events; member hotels, inns and B&Bs; theaters; main street shopping and outdoor adventure opportunities will be showcased as well.
To learn more about the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association, its marketing program and how to be part of the excitement call 845-747-4449.